The Importance Of Whole Proteins In Dog Food

Have you ever read a label on a dog food? If you have you will have noticed that the proteins are listed first. There are reasons for this. Protein contains amino acids and dogs require twenty of these to stay healthy. Ten of these amino acids come from the foods they eat, while the other ten the dog synthesizes itself. To be able to use these amino acids, protein is a necessary part of the dog’s diet.

The main foods that contain the protein are meat. This can be from beef, chicken, lamb or other meats. Bone is not a good source of protein although it does contain other nutrients. Vegetable products such as soybean are also high in protein and are easily digestible, but don’t contain vitamins that meat contains.

Chicken and beef meal are a by product that contains very little water. These by products of meat are a concentrated protein source. By products are added as a protein source in many types of dog food.

Meat meal free dog food have labels just like other food sources. Reading the labels can help understand what is in the pet food. The levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats, water etc., comparing foods gives a good overall picture of how good the dog food is. The cheaper dog foods will have a lower rating on the ingredients, while the more expensive a higher rating.

The animal based proteins are generally listed in the first couple of ingredients on the label. These may be listed as one of the meats. The protein content should be listed on this label, and if it is, you will then know how much protein you are feeding your dog.