The Biggest Things All Brides Forget

Getting married? There are many things to iron out before the date so that the big day runs like clockwork. One of the first priorities may be to list the steps needed for the day so the process of getting married runs smoothly. Making sure those involved know where they have to be at the wedding venue East Sussex and when, all adds to the perfect timing on the day.

Don’t forget simple things like having a wishing well and where it will be placed for guests to see it. If a wishing well hasn’t been decided on make sure guests can leave envelopes in an appropriate place that is safe. It may be found that guests will hand envelopes to the bride or groom at inappropriate moments.

Legal documents are another important aspect of getting married. Without getting them signed the marriage is not official. Speaking to the person who will perform the actual wedding of the bride and groom, is a good place to start to make sure all the paperwork is organised properly.  This involves a number of documents and some of these documents need to be dealt with a month before.

Another item that is often overlooked is the timing. This can involve photo taking, the limousine driver, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the reception arrival. If everyone knows what time they are supposed to be attending to their part in the marriage, it will help smooth any bumps.

Don’t forget to organise where the married couple will be going after the reception, a time for the couple to leave and will there be a car to pick up the couple after leaving the reception. The smoother the day the happier are the memories.