How To Grout Tiles The Right Way

When it comes to the grouting process, you know you’re almost finished your bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations are a big task so you want to make sure the final grouting is done right the first time. For those who are new at grouting, the following is a guide to the top grouting tips to make it successful.

  1. Preparing Your Grout – When preparing your grout only mix a little bit at a time. If you mix more than this, you’ll have problems with the entire mix drying out too fast. Only mix enough to cover a square meter or less for the best results.
  2. Applying Grout – You can get proper tools to apply the grout or you can use your hands with gloves on. When using your hands work in a circular motion over the grout line as this will allow the grout to smoothly and evenly fill the grout lines. Wipe any excess grout off the tiles with a slightly damp cloth without touching the grout lines.
  3. Sealing Your Grout – After a couple of days you can use a sealer to seal in the grout. Simple place the grout sealer on the grout lines and with a gloved finger lightly smooth it out. Once the sealer is complete keep it from getting damp for a few days.


When it comes to grouting after you’ve installed your tiles from the tile showroom, it’s not as hard as you may think. By taking the time to do the job properly you’ll have a great looking bathroom in no time at all. So are you ready to finish your bathroom renovation?