Best Tips For Re-Grouting Your Tiles

Over time your grout can become discoloured, covered in mould, or can crack and fall out. If you find this is the case, and you want to re-grout your tiles Surrey, there’s a few different things you’ll need to do to achieve this. Let’s get started.

  1. Clean Out The Grout Lines – To place new grout into old grout lines you need to first clean it out. Cleaning the grout requires the use of a small tool to force the old grout out. When the grout is completely removed from the tiles, you can easily get ready to apply the new grout.
  2. Clean the area – Once the old grout is cleaned out, you can then work on cleaning the area. It’s best to wipe the tiles down and vacuum up the excess grout up. This will help to reduce the risk of dust particles from getting into the new grout.
  3. Mix Small Amounts At A time – The next thing to do is mix your new grout. When mixing your grout only mix a small amount at a time as this will help to reduce the risk of it drying out before all of it is applied.


When it comes to re-grouting your tiles there’s so many different things that you need to consider. By understanding what the best tips are when it comes to re-grouting you can easily make your new grouting session a success. So have you re-grouted your tiles yet?